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AVA Vocal Flow is an all-in-one vocal processing suite complete with 7 routable mixing elements along with input and output controls. Vocal Flow provides the ultimate mixing workflow for achieving pristine vocal mixes efficiently without any extra hassle.

The elements included are:

– Vocal Character: A unique 2-band vocal EQ designed to “follow” the pitch of the vocal notes.

– 32c Channel EQ: A 4-band EQ complete with High & Low Filters. Directly based on the Harrison 32c consoles’s highly sought after channel EQ.

– De-Esser: A specialized Compressor for removing sibilance in vocals or speech. Based on the X-Tool DSP found in Harrison MPC digital consoles.

– Leveler: A handy Compressor derived from the Harrison Mixbus channel strip DSP.

– Vocal Effects: Chorus, Delay, and Reverb for livening up vocal recordings.

– Master Section: Includes controls for Routing, Polarity, Input and Output Trim.


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