Edition Beurmann – Dulcitone Celesta


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Edition Beurmann – Dulcitone Celesta
The secret star of the Edition Beurmann is a hidden gem that may seem unimpressive at first glance: Built around 1910, it has been patina´ed over time and looks like a little version of a piano. This unique tuning-fork piano sports a vibrant, mellow and charming sound remeniscent of a vibraphone, glockenspiel, marimba and a piano – yet a sound of its own.
At that time, it was inspiring to those looking for a new sound – Pjotr Tschaikowsky wrote some parts of his Nutcracker for a celesta like the dulcitone. Being a rather quiet instrument, it seemed unappropriate for orchestral use, so its parts were often played by a glockenspiel instead – luckily, this is not a problem in a sampler.


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