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Save Money When You Get Both eMedia Guitar Method and eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method!

eMedia Guitar Method Deluxe combines beginner guitar lessons and intermediate guitar lessons into one great, extra value package containing over 360 audio- and video-enhanced lessons and over 130 songs that you can learn to play. Learn quickly with the carefully planned, step-by-step curriculum combined with eMedia music technology designed to enhance learning. Included in the applications are a built-in automatic tuner, metronome, recorder, 1000-chord dictionary, scale-directory, and a fretboard note chart.

eMedia Guitar Method has received top ratings and honors from PC Magazine (Editors’ Choice), Guitar PlayerGuitar One and Newsweek. You can take your playing to the next level with eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method, which has received praise from guitarists and guitar teachers alike. Guitar icon Peter Frampton says, “This is the ultimate way to learn how to play guitar! You learn at your own pace, and it’s easy for anybody.”


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