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Blurring the lines between performance and samples, organic and electronic, our latest offering of bespoke Ableton Live instruments places tangible textures & stunning instruments right into your favourite DAW.

Utilising over 2.0gb of pin point accurate recordings of live and bowed notes, textures, location recordings and analogue synths in conjunction with Ableton Lives samplers and macros, Ethereal Instruments provides you with a first hand opportunity to explore a new world of expansive pads, cinematic ambiences, bowed instruments, found sound textures and bespoke recordings.

The collection is divided down into 12 Ableton Live Racks, each with it’s own set of 6 corresponding macros that control everything from rich piano overtones to analogue choruses, alternate waveform variations and a whole wealth of beautifully sculpted Ableton Live FX.

With the greatest flexibility in mind, we’ve individually created the most creative set of Ableton Instrument macros to compliment the original recordings ensuring each instrument is as expressive and malleable as possible.


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