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LS Levelator is an energy/loudness normalization tool for batch processing of large amount of files. This tool not only makes use of local energy variation but also takes into account the industry loudness models to produce an acceptable broadcast standard normalization.

The batch process is expected to help localization and broadcast professionals to render the speech dynamics much more efficiently and effectively.

Processing Modes

– Simple: This is a traditional normalization w.r.t. the maximum peak level.
– Static: This mode normalizes a signal from the average loudness to the target loudness, with constrains defined by the peak level. When “Segment Based” processing is enabled, it allows to apply respective normalization to the automatically detected signal segments.
– Dynamic: Similar to Static mode, Dynamic mode further allows adjusting the loudness dynamics among segments. When “Global Normalization” is enabled, all segments detected in all the input files are taken into account for deriving the best loudness distribution.

Processing Options

– Suppress Noise: Prevent normalization in the automatically detected noise region.
– Segment Based: Treat automatically detected segments independently.
– Peak Limit: Peak amplitude limit allowed for normalization.
– Global Normalization: Derive loudness distribution from all the input files.
– Global Max Peak Limit: For Simple mode processing, normalize with respect to the maximal peak in all files.


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