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Vibrant Super High-Res Raw file We at last present our most beautiful and vibrant Japanese Koto sound library. The pure raw files provided were captured using the same super high-res recording techniques utilized in Drum Tree and Shakuhachi Premier in 96kHz/24 bit. 2. A Duo of Classical and Contemporary Koto Included *Japanese Koto: a 13 string instrument *17 string bass Koto, similar to a Cello. 3. Complete playing style capability All conventional Koto playing methods typically used in traditional Japanese music are covered. It is easy to switch between all 16 available styles with the simple and intuitive articulation panel and key switch. 214 audio phrase patterns are also included, such as glissando etc. 4. 36 traditional Japanese scales As well as the standard chromatic scale, traditional Japanese scales can be assigned to the white keys of your keyboard. It is also possible to save up to 20 of your own original scales. You can perform glissando with white keys just like a real koto. 5. Other features Stereo and center microphones are editable independently. Lo-cut and Five varieties of convolution reverb. NKS ready.


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