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The Uproar Bundle is an unique collection of 8-Stringed Loops And Multisamples For Kontakt.

It includes the following multi-samples Packs:

Uproar Vol. 1 Loop-Instrument

Uproar Vol. 2 Loop-Instrument

Uproar RAW Multisampled Instrument

If you already own 1 or 2 products from the Uproar line, please contact Chocolate Audio through their Support for a personalized quote to upgrade to the Uproar Bundle.

The Exclusive Choco-Matic Engine is included in all three of these Instrument Packs. It is not your common “play a phrase at a time” engine. Chocolate Audio built this engine making use of their expertise as sample library producers since 2003 and their knowledge as users of such phrase-based instruments.

All these products also make use of their unique feature ‘Sync/Legato’. Chocolate Audio have always wondered why triggering a phrase and then another doesn’t simply make the first phrase flow effortlessly into the second one, rather than re-triggering the whole thing from the start in a rather un-musical way and vastly limiting the expressive possibilities offered by such phrases. So, they took care of it.

The same logic applies also to the switching of Tonal Centers (harmonic contexts), allowing you to create custom harmonic progressions and/or riffs starting from the same Phrases, thus achieving almost endless creative possibilities for each release in The Choco-Matic Series.


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