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Virtual Guitarist IRON


Virtual Guitarist – The only legit alternative to a world-class studio guitarist.
Virtual Guitarist Iron – Hard & Roaring Power Chords
Main Bullets:
• Powerful distorted chords and riffs
• 100 Styles and over 1100 Phrases
• Built-in amp / speaker emulations and effects section
• Drop D and doubling modes for extra fatness

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Product Purpose:
Add Axe to The Equation!
When you’re looking for powerful riffs and power chords, Virtual Guitarist IRON is your weapon of choice. Iron adds power riffs from subtle crunchy to furious roaring to your production.

Virtual Guitarist IRON
Custom hand-wound humbucker and single coil pickups were built into a rare, selected Strat – for a powerful, outstanding sound character. Built-in amp simulation based on handpicked vintage amps and speaker cabinets provides for a large range of high-end sound characters and lets you tweak the sound, even after the fact.

Features at a Glance:
A Virtual Virtuoso
IRON plays powerful chords and riffs in any genre and comes with more than 1100 characteristic phrases grouped in 100 styles.

Sounds Galore
Choose from perfectly matched guitar settings and classic amp/speaker combinations. Add effects such as delay and reverb. Turn up the drive to make it roar!

Full Steam Ahead
Thrust pushes your sound into unprecedented spaces to make IRON play along with modern genres.

Feel is Everything
Match your track’s groove: Laid back and swinging? Virtual Guitarist IRON follows suit.